2019 Fall Trends

Fall is well on its way! Along with the glorious change of the leaves and weather comes our all-important entertaining season. The time of year when hoards of family and friends parade in and out of your home eating all your food and drinking just a tad too much of your wine. But are they really silently judging you for clinging to that bright gold, candelabra chandelier that just might come back in style one day? I am here to inform you that 1) Yes, yes they are and 2) it is time to move on and get a new look! There are a ton of trending lights that can give your home the face-lift it needs for the upcoming season AND keep you happy for years to come. Here are some of the styles for the 2019 Fall season:




Go big or go home! With a bold, statement piece for your light fixture you can really get some visual interest in the room. Play with scale and get a fun look by going with several matching lights down your dining room table or one large fixture to add a focal point to the room. When playing with scale, you can make sure you are not going too over the top by picking something simplistic in design, such as The Rustic.



Ring lights, like The Citadel pictured above, are a great way to add sophisticated drama to any space as well as uniformity to the lighting in the room. The symmetry in this style makes for a timeless piece that will always be on trend.


If your wondering if the rustic look is still “in” the answer is YES! This is a trend that just won’t quit and a quick search of designer lighting will help you rest assured that you cannot go wrong by going rustic! You can keep to this chic decor by selecting a light with metal finishes and reclaimed elements like seen here in The Double Barrel. This is a surefire way to keep your dining room space in the now!



If a large statement piece is not your thing, you’re in luck! This year a minimalist style is making a come back. This fresh take on lighting can help a space feel open and airy.  Stick to a simple pendant or wall sconce in areas that don’t need a huge amount of illumination or a simple beam light could do the trick in a larger room needing more light. Be sure not to go too small to avoid an incomplete or sterile feel. Edison Bulb lights help the minimalist look still feel very cozy.

Do you have a space that you just can’t quite figure out and could use some guidance? Reach out to us! We can help you come up with the right balance of timeless lighting while still keep you on trend.



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