Get to know HandCraftedLighting

Welcome to the adventures of a dynamic duo, turned team of dreamers, as we create custom pieces of chandelier art for your home! We began this journey years before we even realized that we had taken our first steps by surrounding ourselves with gorgeous homes all the time. My husband (aka the genius carpenter of the century, aka Matthew) has basically been raised as a carpenter in the family business of installing and finishing hardwood floors in the Atlanta area. So with 20 years of working with hardwoods for a living and walking through some pretty impressive estates, the man has developed an eye for the best designs around. I am a Realtor and am therefore a pro at opening doors and oohing and ahhing at beautifully designed homes as well. So between the two of us, the words "builder grade lighting" can invoke a simultaneous gag reflex. When it came time to remodel and design our own home, you can imagine we were a bit difficult to please. Fortunately, with Matthew's talent for creating and crafting pretty much anything from scratch and my uncanny ability to admire how amazing his creations are, we were able to muddle our way through the remodel while learning that these well designed homes we've always admired take some actual hard work! And finding the right light fixture is down right exhausting. The chandeliers came to life as a last ditch effort fill our ever growing need for light fixtures that wouldn't bore us to tears! You know what they say, necessity is the mother of invention. We are pretty thrilled with this particular invention and could not help but want to create more. Sharing our passion for lighting is what we are all about; so share with us what your needs are! We are constantly designing new chandeliers, pendants, sconces, vanity lights and other illuminating features to add to your home. Please don't succumb to the dreaded "builder-grade" lighting. There is no honor in going down without a fight; stand up for your right to love your lights!