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2019 Fall Trends

Fall is well on its way! Along with the glorious change of the leaves and weather comes our all-important entertaining season. The time of year when hoards of family and friends parade in and out of your home eating all your food and drinking just a tad too much of your wine. But are they really silently judging you for clinging to that bright gold, candelabra chandelier that just might come back in style one day? I am here to inform you that 1) Yes, yes they are and 2) it is time to move on and get a new look! There are a ton of trending lights that can give your home the face-lift it needs for the upcoming season...

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Edison- The OG of Light Design

In the world of light design, no one can pass through the gates without paying homage to Thomas Edison. As a pretty famous entrepreneur, Thomas had a successful rule of thumb for his inventions. “Anything that won't sell, I don't want to invent. Its sale is proof of utility, and utility is success,” and how on point he was with the Edison light bulb! This staple in light design has been a best seller since its invention in 1879. At first, its success can mostly be attributed to it being the only practical incandescent light bulb on the market. While we still appreciate the functionality of his invention, now we are more drawn by the nostalgic, cozy feeling we get...

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Our Light Bulb Moment! Where it all began

Ever feel like you're never actually going to like any job you have? Of course, it's only a means to an end, most people don't like their jobs anyway ... at least that's what we tell ourselves to make us feel better about never liking our job! Rewind 6 years ago and my husband and I were no different

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