Edison- The OG of Light Design

In the world of light design, no one can pass through the gates without paying homage to Thomas Edison. As a pretty famous entrepreneur, Thomas had a successful rule of thumb for his inventions. “Anything that won't sell, I don't want to invent. Its sale is proof of utility, and utility is success,” and how on point he was with the Edison light bulb! This staple in light design has been a best seller since its invention in 1879. At first, its success can mostly be attributed to it being the only practical incandescent light bulb on the market. While we still appreciate the functionality of his invention, now we are more drawn by the nostalgic, cozy feeling we get from using Edison’s bulb. Its exposed filament artistically meshes with styles such as industrial, rustic, minimalistic, and shabby chic designs to name just a few. Of all the lighting trends to come and go, the Edison light bulb is here to stay! Now of course comes the question of which style to choose. There are now a wide variety of shapes and sizes that can be used in your fixture to complete the look. At HandCraftedLighting, we offer a selection of three key styles of Edison bulb: the globe, spiral and squirrel cage bulb. Each give off their glow in subtly different ways that can affect which one is the perfect selection for your light.

SPIRAL 40w BULB                                                                                                       

The spiral bulb is the smallest of the three styles. It’s perfect for areas in need of a little ambiance, giving off the feeling of a small fires glow. A cozy nook in your home or a bedside table light, like The Hangman, is perfectly suited to its warmth.


This light is the roundest and largest of the three styles. It emits a soft, yellow light making it ideal for pretty much any area in your home that needs some added charm. It can also add a slightly retro style to the space making it useful when trying to pull a few different design elements together. Being the largest of the styles, it also works well with wider chandeliers such as The Double Barrel and The Citadel.


The perfect balance is found with the squirrel cage bulb. It isn’t as round as the globe and not as small as the spiral making it fit most fixtures just right. It also emits the most amount of light so areas that require a bit more visibility should be ordered with this bulb, like The Pipeline vanity light. You still get the vintage feel of the other lights, while avoiding a bad make-up job caused by low lighting!

So basically you can’t go wrong; you are putting one of the most universally stylish bulbs in your fixture. As Thomas says, “You can’t be the gansta of home design without an Edison light bulb fixture!” …or something to that affect.





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