Talk About A Conversation Piece!

Why does it take SO long to find that one light that pulls it all together?? You aren't asking for much.... you just need it to be the perfect size, length, width and shade, plus that extra touch of Je ne sais quoi, and you'll be happy! As if it isn't hard enough to find a fixture with the perfect dimensions to fit your room, we all want that A-HA moment that tells us we are going to truly love what we bought. Ok so here's what we discovered about that A-HA moment; when you have a say in what the finished product will look like, you actually get what you want and there in-lies that perfect, satisfying moment. We know this because of our own lack luster experience in shopping for the lighting fixture to finally wow us and when we didn't find it; we created "The Rustic." The only reason we started selling these pieces online is because we literally could not stop talking about it. When everyone who walked through our front door started asking for their own, we thought, "There must be something to this!" And when you look around the gallery (to your left, hint hint) and say, "Oh man I would love this one if only it had..." then tell us! The beauty of having your light hand crafted is that you get to create your own conversation piece. And when your guests walk through your door, you get to say, "Oh yea, I had that piece custom made to tie in with...." which is way cooler than saying, "Well it wasn't exactly what I wanted but it works." Comment below and tell us what space you are waiting to have your A-HA moment in!

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