HandCrafted Quality

The biggest contributing factor to any item in your home looking high end is not the price tag; it's that it has been well made! We've all ordered something online that looks just breathtaking in the pictures and then when it finally arrives, it does take your breath away, but more in a, "How in the world did they even make this dress out of plastic?!" kind of way. The majority of lights you'll see on-line neglect to show you enough detail to really know just how well made the product is (or is not). For instance, you may not see the mounting hardware being sent, if the wiring is exposed from certain angles, or any part of the light that helps it hang from the ceiling to the appropriate length. These elements have a huge impact on the over all design and can make or break how attractive the finished product is in the room. You also want to consider how the fixture is assembled; is it glued together pieces of plywood or is it actual hardwood being used? This is a detail that may seem like it can be faked.... no one can tell unless they are really looking closely, right? Wrong!! Can you tell when you walk into a room if the floor is tile or laminate? Can you tell if a countertop is marble or formica? Can you tell if the walls have been colored with markers or painted? YES! If it's made cheaply, it will look cheap; trust us on this. Lastly, you need to consider how the light is being handled. Are actual craftsmen working on your product, making sure each wood grain pattern looks just right when hand stained and each knot is tied in a way that is pleasing to the eye? Or is it manufactured to look exactly like everyone else's light without so much as a quality control check before it is packed up and shipped your way? If you want to have craftsmen like quality, there has to be the human element to each piece to take it to that next level. That is why we are so dedicated to having everyone educated on what "handcrafted quality" means to us! You will find that nothing is hollow; our fixtures are hardwood through and through. So when we say "beam" you are getting a genuine beam of wood, not a four sided rectangular box that sways every time someone breaths near it. And when we say pulley, we mean an actual hand selected pulley, and not a circular-ish block of wood with a fancy bolt glued to the side of it. Each component of our light is hand picked, critiqued, and then sculpted to make the chandelier uniquely yours. We craft each fixture only after we have received your order and specifications so that no one gets anything other than exactly what they want. If you want to see all the options available to you and to chat with our master craftsman, create an account to get the full scope of the details that goes into each of our piece. Leave a comment below so we can answer any questions you may have!


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